Monthly Archives: December 2019

new lunch place

I was having lunch with Brianne today, who is in from out of town, and was looking for an interesting place to go, since I know she’s a foodie.  Found the Craft Food Hall Project online, which I never would have found in person since it’s up a hill in an office park.  It features two counters:  the Sousviderie (burgers, sandwiches and other meals featuring sous vide) and Project X (which serves pizza).  My lunch was delicious, and I thoroughly enjoyed the company and conversation.  Always good to see good friends after a long time.

summer dress

This was on the “special” rack at the thrift store.  Generally, this is where they put formal gowns, leather jackets, and high-fashion label items.  I saw this and thought “Well, it’s a t-shirt dress.  I guess it’s cute.”  Then I spotted the original price tag still on it, and I laughed and laughed.