Monthly Archives: April 2019

Fort Point artwork

The area around work has changed a lot since I started there, in particular in the past few years: an invasion of shops, restaurants and random art.  I wonder if the person was thinking of upside down dripping ice cream, inspired by the Ben & Jerry’s across the street.

birthday bunny

Saturday night I had a small gathering of friends to celebrate my birthday. I asked everyone to bring something chocolate (there is now more chocolate in the house than I can eat in a year!).  Among the goodies was this chocolate bunny, which I had for dessert today.  Seems appropriate for an Easter birthday.

blue light

I’ve never seen this before:  a hand dryer that emits blue light.  Supposedly, this is a UV light that will help kill bacteria and viruses.  After a quick search, I haven’t found any credible studies that confirm or deny this.