Monthly Archives: February 2009


Does this ever happen to you? You’re feeling a bit peckish so you go to the fridge. What to have? some yogurt, perhaps? maybe a pear? a scrambled egg? the dead rat you put in there yesterday?
February 27 2009

didn’t think so. no one I know has these things happen to them.


I had an appointment in a small office building today, the kind that houses many accountants, therapists, independent lawyers, that sort of thing. And in the lobby is this little arrangement:
February 25 2009
I think it’s kind of odd. I mean, who’s going to play a game of checkers, right in the lobby? Competing accountants on their lunch break? A couple on their way to therapy? I just don’t know…

going to the V-E-T

Everyone I know spells it out for their pets, and I have no idea why we do it.  But anyway, today was the kitties’ annual check-up. Both got good clean bills of health, although Winnie seems to be developing a bit of arthritis in her left knee. The vet said it was pretty stiff, and gave us some meds to sprinkle into Winnie’s food.
February 23 2009
Fortunately for our vet, both kitties are very good natured. Parker may not be happy about what’s happening in this picture, but he doesn’t get violent about it.

don’t be cruel

I’ve heard about this woman from coworkers–the Chinese woman who sings folk songs badly at the train station. I suppose it’s possible it was a different person–this woman was mutilating Elvis, not John Denver.  Maybe on Saturdays she cuts loose a little.
February 21 2009

hangin’ on

I wasn’t planning to use another work picture today, but I thought this was so hilarious. It’s from the health and fitness exhibit; it’s just a turnstile. I was laughing so hard when I saw the kids doing this–look at the girl in pink. She’s not pushing at all. In fact she’s facing the opposite direction from the other kids and her feet are off the ground. She’s just along for the ride.
February 19 2009

The other reason I like this picture is that I don’t think any of the kids in it know each other.