Monthly Archives: May 2009


My friend Susan was in town this weekend, providing the rest of us an excellent excuse to get together for brunch at Johnny’s D’s in Somerville. Brunch is, in my opinion, the best meal of the week.
May 31 2009

where’d it go?

About 30 seconds before I took this picture, I had taken another one in which you could see about 3/4 of this building, which is the third tallest in the city. Now, the building is nearly gone.
May 29 2009
Makes me think of Stephen King’s great short story, The Mist. Read the story; don’t see the movie.

cat fleece

We have big pieces of fleece that we put on the furniture for the cats. when we have company, we remove it so our guests don’t get cat hair all over them (although most of our friends have cats of their own, so I guess it’s sort of a moot point).  Anyway, we washed all of it, and Doug brought it upstairs and put it on the floor while he went to find something to put it in. It took Parker about 4 seconds to find it…
May 28 2009

could it be?

We spent yesterday morning finally unpacking the boxes in the basement. And look! it’s the basement floor!
May 25 2009
It’s actually in pretty good shape down there; just a few more boxes to deal with and then a few other organization things.

we’re getting there….

settling in

Not surprisingly, Winnie has been pretty freaked out with the whole move. She’s taken to hiding in her food box. But for the past few days, she’s spending more time exploring the house, and she seems to be getting more relaxed.
May 23 2009