Monthly Archives: September 2009

kind of blue: the blue cave

in the “old” (read: before construction) museum, there was an odd little storage room in the hall between offices. It was used to store floor kits, and we call it “The Cave.” Now, a new room is used for this purpose. Since the door and trim around it are painted blue, it was named “The Blue Cave.”
September 30 2009

kind of blue: hydrangea

The theme of the week is “blue.”  At the end of June and beginning of July, I spent a week on the color red, and it was pretty fun.

This hydrangea bloom is the last burst of color in the yard, aside from green. I’m sure it will fade soon enough, as will the green and we’ll be in a season of drab grays and browns. …sigh…
September 28 2009


I like my Jetta. Its name is Monty, and he has served me well over the years. I don’t put much by cars, they’re just a way to get from point A to point  B, but the VW is a nice little car.
September 26 2009

and see? there’s me! taking the picture!


There are a lot of signs at work over various exhibits. I picked this letter off the Art Studio.
September 24 2009
As I puttered around this morning, I kept hearing this tap-tap-tapping noise outside the house. When I left for work, this is what I saw up on the side by the guest room window.
September 24 2009a
any suggestions on how to get rid of him would be most welcome.


There are large windows above the doors as you enter South Station. They often contain large print ads. Right now they are advertising Blue Man Group (which, if you haven’t seen…hellloooo! what are you waiting for!); at any rate, this L is from the word “BALD.”
September 22 2009


This week, for no particular reason, I am going to photograph the letters of my name (plus the first initial of my last name to make 7 letters).

This “A” is probably fairly recognizable to some. I can’t promise that will be true of the rest of the letters I photograph this week…I’ll just have to see what catches my eye.
September 21 2009