Monthly Archives: July 2013

hot dog!

every month the floor staff gets some kind of free lunch or dessert or some such, and today it was hot dogs.  now, a pile of dogs off the grill is festive.  a pile of supermarket dogs, out of the microwave (I assume) is kind of….sad.  and unappetizing.

July 31 2013

caterpillars redux

a couple summers ago, there was a caterpillar photo exhibition at work, and we had a few live demos, which were amazing.  well, I invited them back for a day and it was still just  mind-boggling.  I will post more pictures later, but I did like this one….the lighting/focus are a bit off, so it looks like they’re silhouetted on the back of the leaf, which they’re not. 

July 20 2013

fishing 101

another year with the fishing program happening in front of work. this kid was funny…when he spotted me, he hollered out to his mom “she’s taking pictures!!!!”   she explained that they had been at a park and there was a creepy guy with a camera. so mom told him anytime there was a stranger with a camera on him, he should let his mom know right away. which he did. 

July 19 2013

the mid-air catch

there was a really fun Frisbee “playshop” at work today…we learned some fun tricks.  here’s a kid giving his best go at the “jump up and catch it behind your knees” trick…which has some official name that I can’t remember.

July 16 2013