Monthly Archives: July 2010

lonely car

My turn to post a picture of my lonely car in the lot because I stayed late at work. Why? A combination of a 12 year old dropped off at the museum with no parent, a kid who jammed his finger in an exhibit and necessitated a 911 call, and a 2 year old who was missing for 15 minutes (which, trust me, is a really long time). All is well now….mom was finally located, finger is not broken, and child was found.
July 30 2010

gulls week 3

so a little drama…one of the gulls managed to hop down from the ledge and couldn’t get back up. The accounting staff, whose office looks out on the roof, were all worried and made someone create a staircase out of boxes. It’s called “natural selection,”  people!  Who knows, his parents may feed him where he is. In the meantime, everyone else continues about their business as usual.
July 23 2010

museum of science

I had to go over to the science museum for work today (and yes, I love being able to make statements like that). I had a doc appointment at MGH beforehand, so I walked to the museum by way of the Charles, which was much more pleasant than the traditional street route.
July 21 2010