Monthly Archives: January 2010

the bench

Tonight Parker discovered the bench that we keep in the hall. It’s been there almost since we moved in, so I don’t know why he’s never really noticed it before. He spent a while nosing around in our bags and coats, and then just sat there proudly, reveling in his new domain.
January 27 2010

water bubbles

when I got up this morning, my water glass was full of bubbles. there are often a few, but today Doug and I both noticed that there were a lot of them and we wondered if there was some change in pressure.  Because we wonder about stuff.
January 26 2010

cry wolf

anyone who knows me knows that I am insane for wolves. Always have been, even before they got trendy. So when I heard about this educational group, Wolf Talk, I immediately booked them for a monthly Critter Day at work. This one, I told everyone, is for me. I have been doing this program for 8 or 9 years, and by god, this one’s for me and me alone and if the visitors like it, well that’s nice too. (as it turned out, they loved it. so, win-win.)
January 16 2010

clearly I didn’t take this picture, but it’s still worth sharing:
January 16 2010a

sad snack

As happens in most workplaces, occasionally people leave food in the break room for general consumption–leftover sandwiches from a meeting, some cookies, that sort of thing. This morning there was this very pathetic little offering: a small unappetizing orange or similar, and a creepy stained glass cookie that’s probably at least a month old.
January 15 2010
Usually, break room offerings are snatched up almost immediately. This plate was there for hours…

I love trash

This machine fascinates me. A few months ago, the town switched to this system for trash pick-up. A robotic arm on the side of the truck picks up your bin, lifts it up and above the truck and dumps the contents in. Apparently, it can even do two at once!
January 4 2010
We’ve been amused at how much trouble some residents are having with the new guidelines. It’s not rocket science, really.