Monthly Archives: October 2009


I went with Leah to her horseback riding lesson today. The first part of every lesson is grooming the horse. Leah is quite little and horses are quite big, but they seem quite comfortable around one another.
October 31 2009


When my brother told me that he got a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, I was pretty concerned. Not a quiet mellow dog, this, and there are already three cats and an 8 year old in the house. But I was pleasantly surprised; Trixie is well behaved and very very sweet.
October 30 2009


One of the things I did during that first week after we moved was to get a new library card. I’m finding my way in my new library, although the fiction section goes around a few weird corners and is hard to follow. I’m also getting used to the fact that they don’t separate out their genre fiction, and all paperbacks are kept separate. Not big issues, just took a little time.
October 26 2009