Monthly Archives: August 2010

fishy fishy fish

We’ve lost a few fish this summer, so today we went out and got some new ones. Before you let them go in the tank, you have to let them acclimate to the temperature gradually by setting them inside the tank while still in their plastic bag. Being fish, they seem very confused by this.
August 29 2010

the many faces of Curious George

last spring, the museum was hosting a Curious George exhibit. To go along with that, we got special George hand stamps made. Well….give a creative staff access to a stamp and lots of time on their hands, and here’s your results:
August 28 2010
the gallery of George (and the one image of some kind of mutant Bart Simpson) is still on display in the staff area.

newspaper thievery

I love this. Someone (or perhaps many someones) is stealing the Herald.  If you’re going to risk stealing something, at least make it something good. The Herald? Come on, now.
August 27 2010
On the other hand, it means the Herald is losing money. Not such a bad thing.


yet another last day for someone at work today, so after work we went to a bar called Drink. It’s kind of fun; while you can certainly just order a drink, you can also just tell the bartender the kind of thing you’re in the mood for, and they’ll custom make it, possibly with these little add-in flavors, most of which were incomprehensible, at least to me..
August 26 2010


As I hung out with these ducks today, I watched the reactions of people coming up to see them. Almost every single person smiled, got excited and said “ducks!” I don’t really know what it is about ducks that is so appealing, but there’s definitely something. Maybe it’s their little tails, or the cheerful but funny sound they make. But everyone loves ducks.
august 21 2010