Monthly Archives: July 2011

fishing 101

we’ve got a program going on this summer that teaches kids about the area’s marine life. I really liked this image of all these kids jut hanging at the railing with one of the instructors, fishing and talking bout life.
July 28 2011

brownie bake-off

with 9 brownies to taste and vote on, the whole staff was pretty overdosed on sugar this afternoon. First place went to my coworker Tim, whose brownies were very tasty indeed.
July 26 2011
The ones Doug and I made were good, but the caramel was so delicious that it overpowered the chocolate, and ultimately, brownies are about the chocolate. They did receive a handful of votes and I had one coworker who really liked them a lot. At any rate, when brownies are involved, there really are no losers, are there?