Monthly Archives: May 2016

return to sender

When Doug and I went to the Galapagos, we didn’t want to deal with checking our luggage.  Our bags were light and it’s just easier that way.  Except for the issue of sunscreen–we’d need to bring far more than is allowed by the TSA.  So we decided we’d mail it to ourselves at the hotel.   It hadn’t arrived by the time we departed the hotel for the islands, and still hadn’t arrived when we returned to the hotel.  Apparently, it made it there in early May. And just showed back up on our doorstep. So… we have plenty of sunscreen for the summer.


a model model

Watson sat very still while many kids tried their hand at drawing him.


(Look at the drawing to his right.  The artist and I were talking about what Watson looked like:  his head is kind of a triangle, and his body is kind of an oval.  Plus four legs, a tail, and the spikes on his face.)

Morris dancing

Our annual visit from the  Morris dancers.  They’re a lot of fun to watch, and it always surprises me that there’s this many kids in the area that are involved in it.  If you don’t know what Morris dancing is, read about it here: