Monthly Archives: July 2020

back to nature

Last night there was a crow on our back patio.  It was clearly in distress, and died after not too long.  Concerned about diseases like west Nile, I contacted a couple wildlife rehabilitators, and they suggested contacting Tufts Wildlife Clinic in the morning.  The clinic said they didn’t test for these things, and that I could leave the crow in the woods.  Online resources had recommended double bagging it and putting it in the trash, but I didn’t feel at all good about that, and much preferred the suggestion from Tufts.  So the crow is now resting alongside the Charles River.

venturing out

We went out to dinner tonight, and while the sky looked threatening as we ate, nothing came of it.  On our way to the restaurant, Doug recalled that the last time we went out to eat (March 12), we were at this same restaurant.

lemon water

When I pour myself a glass of cold water on a warm summer day, sometimes I like to add a slice of lemon.  For some reason, Doug and I have this running gag that whenever we are out for dinner, and water is served with lemon, we both are obligated to comment, “There’s lemon in the water.”  I don’t know how or why this started.