Monthly Archives: September 2010

cleaning day

Most people, upon cleaning  their office, find old files, outdated memos, a stash of envelopes they forgot about. I find boxes of AlkaSeltzer, microscopes, and flashlights. And upon reorganizing most people label things by date or by project. I make labels like “Skulls”, “Balloons” and “Mirrors and Shiny Things.”
September 29 2010

at the movies (not really)

About 10 years ago, I declared myself done with going to the movies–too expensive, too many annoying people. Luckily, that was right around the time Netflix was really starting to expand. I’ve never regretted my anti-movie theater decision, especially since I am completely unimpressed with and uninspired by this fall’s new crop of TV.
September 26 2010

dogs love trucks

I spotted this fellow (?) as I was leaving the gym and took a few shots of him. Some of the other shots were technically better, or better composed, but I often choose my picture based on which one makes me smile. This is one of those.
September 20 2010

Plus, you can see me in it, which is kind of fun.