Monthly Archives: June 2020

bra ha ha

It turns out, the materials used in bras, especially sports bras,  is awesome for the inner layer of face masks.  But I only had one bra I was willing to sacrifice.  So….I turned to the Internet, of course, and posted to the local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group to see if anyone had any bras they no longer wanted.  And the Internet did provide, yea, verily.


I had to move Oliver aside to clean up some pee, and underneath him was…..a shed!  Finally!  And it was almost all in one piece, which is really rare for him.  He seems to be feeling better already.
(pencil here for scale)

cats in a box

Our cats don’t like boxes,
It’s strange but it’s true
That neither one likes them:
Cat One nor Cat Two.

So when this giant box came
Very deep and so wide.
We said, “Let’s put it out,
Maybe they’ll go inside.”

So we tossed in some catnip
To entice them in
And what do you know,
It’s a giant box win!

They didn’t stay long.
We did not think they would.
But it still made us smile,
And so it was good.

G loves D

Gandalf loves to get into Doug’s armpit.  It smells the most of Doug, which is probably Gandalf’s favorite thing.  And when it’s a hot day, and Doug is particularly sweaty and stinky, Gandalf just can’t stay away.  In truth, Gandalf is a bit gross.