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Now then, there are some things I don’t like the looks of, even though I know what they are. Sliced tomatoes. I just don’t care for the way they look. Looks like a little pink bicycle tire, you know? Well, I don’t eat bicycle tires. Why should I eat a little pink one? The real trouble with tomatoes- sliced tomatoes, especially- is that they don’t look like they’re finished developing yet. You know, looks like they’re still in the larva stage. There’s thousands of seeds in there and a whole bunch of jelly-looking stuff, man! ”    –George Carlin

August 19 2014


Last year on the day we came home, it was rainy and windy and there were actually a number of people throwing up into trash cans on the ferry.  This year it is warm, perfect blue sky, and calm, .  It makes it harder to leave.

August 18 2014