Monthly Archives: December 2013

PJ’s return

This is PJ. He’s a marmoset monkey, and he’s about 6 years old. He hasn’t been at work for a few years, and it was nice to see him again.  I have a picture of myself holding him from when he was a baby, but now he’ll only let his person do that.

December 21 2013



This is Spirit.  He is a Geoffrey’s cat, which is a wild cat native to southern and central South America. He may look like a cute housecat, but he’ll rip your face right the %^$&@ off.
December 21 2013a

Door Wars

Some folks at work had a rather intense, borderline violent competetion for holiday decorations of their office doors.  This was one contestant.  I voted for a different one….one that didn’t scare me and make me go “BAH!!!”

December 19 2013