Monthly Archives: September 2013

Little Pink Vials

(with apologies to John Mellencamp)

There’s bacteria…in my bronchi…livin’ in that moist neighborhood
I got a petri dish living inside my lungs
And my doc thinks maybe that’s not so good.
And there’s a white box in the kitchen, filled with some sterile saline
And I look at it and think, hey vials, I really hope you can stop a cough.

So I got a nebulizer just for me
Noisy nebulizer, yeah, something to seeĀ 
Nebulizer will get my breath free
Little pink vials that you can see….

september 30 2013

another surprise

for most people, if you come in to your office and find someone has left something on your desk, it’s probably a report to read or some  paperwork to complete.  maybe someone surprised you with a cup of coffee or a muffin.  I find dead things. but this well preserved dragonfly is certainly better than the dead starfish.

September 24 2013


this is Snowball. I just had to pet him in spite of the fact that I am really allergic to bunnies.  I washed my hands several times and still wound up sniffy and itchy….but he’s so cute!!! and so soft!!!  how could I resist?

September 21 2013

lunchtime kiss

one of my favorite exhibits has returned. it’s all about music and contains, among other things, a number of collectables, like this awesome lunch box.  just off camera, on the right, is a Russian nesting doll of Madonna.  I’d love to see what the inner dolls look like.

September 20 2013