Monthly Archives: October 2010


“I work there at Yamagato, and we fly here and we drive that car everywhere – blue Nissan Versa. It’s parked outside right now!” –Hiro Nakamura
October 25 2010
(years from now, I’ll look back at this picture and this quote and wonder what the hell I was talking about. so, future self, it’s from the TV show Heroes.”  which ended up being really disappointing, but Hiro was a great character and the bit with the Versa was great and so made me smile when I parked behind one.)

all fall down

We took our first stab at raking leaves today. While it is significantly easier to do than it was in our old house because the yard is much smaller, we actually have to pick up and bag the leaves, which is kind of a pain. In Southboro, we just blew them back to the woods; as Doug would say “they gave them to us, they can have them back.”
October 24 2010

junior chemist

today was our annual national chemistry week celebration at work, and it even fell on Mole Day! The theme was “behind the scenes with chemistry.” Here’s a young scientist making some fake snow, which he will later add to our miniature “movie set.” It was a successful day, but I am tired.
October 23 2010

outside my office

Recently, some friends who are also doing Project365 posted pictures of the various toys they have on and around their desks. This is a picture of what’s right outside my office door.
October 21 2010
The shoes are size 18 and belonged to some former Celtics player. They are there for the person who follows me whenever I leave this job
The box is full of materials that were sent to me for a program coming up soon.
The chicken is….I don’t know why the chicken is there.