Monthly Archives: August 2017

see you next year

Others have posted pictures of the porch we’ve enjoyed for the past 11 years, since that house will not be available to us next year, and possibly ever.  This is the house we will be renting next year.  It has a beautiful ocean view, and is even closer to the ferry, restaurants, and other stuff we like.

get ’em while they’re cheap

I saw this sign at Russo’s.  Then I did a double take.  And a triple take.  And the guy across from me said “Yeah, I had to look at it a few times too!”
“I feel bad I don’t really need any!”  I said.
“Bah!  Get ’em anyway,”  he said.
“I’m going on vacation, they’ll just sit in the fridge.”
“So what!  Bring ’em with you!”
“You know?” I said, “That is an excellent idea!”
So I did.