Monthly Archives: June 2009

fire station red

These little boxes are so much part of the landscape, you hardly even notice them. In fact, if I were in the midst of an emergency, I don’t think it would cross my mind to look for one.
June 30 2009
I also wonder when it was decided the red is the color of fire/medical emergencies, and blue is for police.

strawberry red

The theme of the week is “red.”  I was thinking of “red white and blue” but decided that would be too much trouble, so I’ve just gone with red. My camera has a setting that claims to “make red subjects more vivid.”  Not sure I can really tell the difference, but I do like this picture, regardless.
June 29 2009
After taking this shot (and a few others like it), I became overwhelmed by the smell of fresh strawberries and had to buy them.

no fun

When I die, if I get buried, I would like to think that people are enjoying the place where I am–walking their dogs, riding bikes, things like that.  I don’t want everyone to just stand around being miserable.
June 28 2009
of course, this is a catholic cemetery, so I’d never wind up here anyway.

don’t dump

These little plaques are around the city. It kind of irks me that people need to be told not to dump crap into assorted drains at all, nevermind one that drains into the harbor. Where there are, in fact, fish. Just like on the plaque.
June 25 2009

no trash

Once upon a time, you were actually allowed to throw trash in the trash bins on the commuter rail cars. But then 9/11 happened, or something close after, and the world panicked and they thought people would put bombs in the trash. So they sealed up the bins and now you can’t throw trash away on the train anymore, so people just leave crap on the seats, the tables, the racks or the floor.
June 24 2009

just no

everything about this man just says “no.”  arms crossed, severe glare, gun,  cute little state trooper hat. No, you may not come down here; no you may not park your car there; no, you may not pass go or collect $200.
June 23 2009


some people just have the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy:
June 23 2009bonus
and sometimes I am one of those people  🙂

NO not this way

A new week, a new theme. This is the week of “no.”
This first sign is at the exit (not the exit?) of the local Shaw’s. It took me a second to get what it was trying to say, but it amused me at any rate.
June 22 2009
Replaced the camera today. Hoping this one is longer lived.

improved stairs

So we’re hoping to have the carpet removed from the second floor sometime soon, including the stairs. Doug did a trial run on one step, removing the carpeting and then sanding and oiling the step. I think it will look nice once they’re all done.
June 21 2009
In other news, I dropped and killed my camera yesterday, so this pic was taken on Doug’s old Nikon. Hoping to replace the camera at the local independent shop tomorrow.