Monthly Archives: August 2016


Kat, Liz and I took advantage of the fact that Kat has her car this year, and went for a ride up-island.  For lunch, we stopped at the little fishing village of Menemsha, where I spotted this amusing sign on the front of a shop.


I desperately needed to take a short break today, and just be outside for 10 minutes.  I spent most of that time watching the antics of the sparrows, especially this one, who kept hopping up on the chair opposite me.



I’ve been making my own peanut butter for a while now.  It’s really easy, and better than store-bought, with no mystery ingredients.  This batch is about 2/3 peanuts and 1/3 cashews, but I suppose you could make it with any combination of nuts you like.



There is an exhibit at work with about 10,000 of these simple 1″ x 4″ wooden blocks.  Today, a family created this amazing…castle? compound?  I don’t know what to call it, but it spanned two tables, and apparently took 4 hours.  This is a detail shot.  (FB users, click through to see the whole thing.)





Helped my mom unpack today, which meant I was sent home with assorted boxes of stuff she doesn’t have space for, but that are far too sentimental to toss.  Among them was this envelope, postmarked 1960, and sent to my mom from her summer camp alma mater.