Monthly Archives: December 2009

the end*

well, this is it. one photo a day for an entire year. didn’t miss a single one, although I had to use alternate cameras a couple of times, and had to buy a new one in the middle. there are a few pictures that I really like: October 6, June 14 , July 2January 15,  to name a few. Some photos were pretty crappy, but at least I took them!

I’m pretty pleased with myself for managing to succeed with this. I’ve definitely developed more of an eye for what will make an interesting picture and learned to use my camera. *So while I think Project365 itself may be over, I’m going to continue to carry my camera around, just in case there’s something interesting to see. If there is, I’ll be sure to post it here.  And who knows…maybe I’ll try this again someday.
December 31 2009

a good eye

One of the goals of this project was to develop a better eye for photos. I certainly got more experimental with my photography as the year went on, and got to know my camera’s features. So I suppose my eye did improve. What do you think?

December 29 2009

I can’t believe there’s only 2 days left of Project365. I absolutely never thought I’d make it this far, but now I feel pressure to make my ending photos really amazing!  Ack!!