Monthly Archives: January 2014


I was teaching a “balls and tracks” program today to a class of 2nd graders, and one of the kids asked if they were allowed to draw blueprints–that was her word,  “blueprints.”  I said sure, and got her a pencil and paper.  Here is her work.

January 31 2014

coffee table

Every time I walk by this table at work, I do a double take–I always think that the bottle of flavored syrup is some kind of booze.  Now, I’m  pretty sure that same bottle has been there for years, so for all I know, it is booze by now, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.

January 24 2014

space blankets

No, they’re not body bags.  There was a fire alarm at work today; we keep these bags of “space blankets” in the fire exit stairwells for giving to visitors who don’t have coats with them.  Which was a lot of kids today.  They’re a good thing to have, but are a pain to refold and stuff back into these bags.

January 23 2014


This is Dug.  He’s an armadillo.  And that’s not a typo…it’s not “Doug.”  He’s called Dug because armadillos like to dig. And their armored heads make it easy to push their way out of any container. Dug is cuddly, and he loves to have his belly rubbed, which is very different from the Doug I know.

January 18 2014