Monthly Archives: August 2009

Parker #1

I’m back to themes, and the theme of the week is…Parker! This could actually be more challenging than one might think because even though Parker is always being cute, he’s generally being cute in the same spot. He’s also not the most cooperative subject. But he is a cute one.
August 31 2009
And yes, there will be a week of Winnie sometime too.

saying goodbye

While answering emails and doing some program planning, I had Ted Kennedy’s funeral playing on the computer as well. I sat there and got all teary eyed, although I’m not quite sure why this is affecting me so much. 
August 29 2009
It was actually a very lovely service (except for the heavily Catholic bits but he was a Kennedy after all), but makes me wonder why we always wait until someone dies to say all the nice things.

in my office

a pair of gloves (with “science” on them so you know they’re mine) that are also labeled “iguana proof” although they are also useful for handling a cranky snake.
August 28 2009
I’m guessing most other people don’t have this sort of thing in their office. Just a guess.

stormy and sunny

This is the sort of thing I might not have noticed before beginning this project.
When I left work, I saw that the sky in one direction was dark, cloudy and threatening; the sky in the opposite direction was blue and sunny. I was thinking “man, I wish there was a way to get both skies in the same photo.”  It turns out…there is.
August 26 2009


Today at work we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Kyoto (Japan) and Boston. The mayor of Kyoto was there, as well as other notable types. Kyoto gave us some wonderful gifts, including a number of child-sized kimono.

The kids all looked really cute, but of course they hadn’t changed their shoes. I I just loved the juxtaposition of the traditional Japanese outfit with the oh-so American footwear.
August 25 2009


We washed a bunch of our little rugs today, including this one that goes in the downstairs bath. The power washer is actually pretty fun to use, and does a scary good job of loosing a bunch of dirt and crap you didn’t even  know was there.
August 23 2009

horse ‘n’ buggy

I left work today and turned onto Sleeper St to see, much to my surprise, a whole line of horses and buggies lined up against the back of the museum. I actually pulled over and got out of the car to photograph them, they were such a pretty, albeit unexpected, sight.
August 22 2009