Monthly Archives: March 2011

water feature

There’s an atrium in the center of St Vincent’s  hospital; it looks like a shopping mall. It’s quite nice if you have to wait around. It’s got a skylight, lots of nice wooden seating, a shop, a little pizza/pasta counter and an entire wall of waterfalls.
March 29 2011

water bottles

The theme of the week, for no particular reason, is water.

This is the vending machine at my gym. I wonder, if they got rid of it, would more people suddenly bring their own bottles? On the other hand, I wonder if most people do have their own bottles, and only buy if they forget…
March 28 2011

happy anniversary

Doug and I are both so laid back about such things, we both forgot to mention it to each other this morning. I completely forgot until I had to write the date on a form at work today. But we did decide to go out for a tasty dinner, so that was good 🙂
March 25 2011


I do a program at work where the kids design “roller coasters” for marbles to zoom down. I warn them to keep track of them all, since I need them for other classes for the rest of the year. But really, I have a stash of backup marbles. Shhhh, it’s a secret!
March 22 2011