Monthly Archives: October 2018

butt warmer

Sometimes when I sit at my desk, Ferrous gets on the chair and crams himself between me and the back of the chair, forcing me to scoot forward and sit up very straight.  But,  he’s very warm, and also provides a light back massage as he purrs.  So it’s a fair trade-off.

best one yet

Today at work, I received a note from a company I recently placed an order with.  As usual, I requested a drawing.  This response absolutely made my day, and that of many of my coworkers.  We are planning to return the surprise at our own staff meeting next month.
If you can’t read it, this is what the note said:
“Hello Alissa and [workplace],
Thank you for ordering with us!  We saw your note on your order about including some drawings of our favorite animals with your order.  I liked the idea so much that I had our entire staff join in on the fun for our full staff meeting. We hope you enjoy these drawings.  Thank you for the prompt that gave us all a fun break and added smiles to our day.  We hope these drawings bring just as many smiles to you as they did to us.”

modern art

We tried this activity at our weekly playdate today (yes, I have a weekly meeting called a playdate): magnet painting.  We dipped various metal objects in paint, then dragged them around the paper using a magnet underneath the tray that the paper was on. Fun!