Monthly Archives: September 2016

Grady and Mission

These two are residents of one of the “shy kitty” rooms, but they have clearly bonded with each other.  Grady is the grey one, and  Mission is the black one.  They’re not as fearful as some of the other kitties, they just didn’t seem to want me to get too close; as long as I stayed in one place on the floor, they were cool.


Vegan Rocks

There are a number of amusing things here.  First of all, is the painter suggesting that these rocks are vegan (which seems a bit silly), or is “rocks” meant to be a verb referring to the state of being vegan?  There was another rock that said  “Vegans rock!” and that made a little more sense.  But the most amusing thing is that these rocks are part of a larger vegan-themed art display…in an ice cream shop.



Spotted this posted in an empty storefront as I went about my day today.  The web site shown on the poster does not appear to be active, but this description of cryotherapy from another spa sounds pretty awful:
“Therapeutic exposure of the entire body to extremely low temperature for up to 3 minutes duration.  Body surface is cooled by vaporized liquid nitrogen that surrounds the body at temperature between -190 to- 256 F. During this process a systemic anti-inflammatory response is triggered that reduces inflamation, improves circulation, boosts body’s metabolic rate and invigorates the mind.”