A warning on the dash of my rental.  Cracked me up.  First of all, it’s not so cold that an alarm is necessitated–we’re still in double digits after all.  Second,  I have just been out in the cold before I got in the car, so I’m well aware that it’s cold out (though I realize I could conceivably be in a garage).  Third, what exactly does the car expect me to do about this???

bee happy

As I often do, I asked this company to include a drawing for me, this time of a bee.  I don’t know who added the editorial “nope,” however.  Maybe it was the FedEx driver.

Then, when I opened the package, I saw that multiple employees got involved, which I absolutely adore.

slushy prints

There were a bunch of squirrels tearing around our yard this morning, and I’m pretty sure most of these prints belong to them.  I’m also pretty sure that the dog prints belong to our neighbor dog, Harvey, who loves our yard because it seems to have more squirrels than the neighbors do.


This is Orange Kitty (as Doug and I have cleverly named him).  If Ferrous catches sight of him in the yard, he goes absolutely out of his mind, and Doug and I always praise him for chasing Orange Kitty away (even though he always just wanders off on his own).