a pie for pi day!

What a delightful mystery.  A paper bag from Whole Foods was sitting on the front porch, with this apple pie inside.  No note.  Didn’t even have my name on it. My first thought was that I’d had a Facebook conversation with Kris and somebody (?) about pie, but Kris wouldn’t send a pie, and the conversation was a couple weeks (?) ago, so that seems unlikely.  Then I thought, maybe my coworkers sent it; it IS Pi Day, after all.  Or maybe my friend Ellen.  But again, no note.  Whoever you are, thank you!

you should see the other guy

Before last week’s surgery, the IV nurse asked if I was a “tough stick” and I said not really.  Then she went for my hand and I said, oh….my hand, well….that’s going to really hurt.  So she put some numbing stuff in it (and THAT really hurt) and I guess it still didn’t work and she muttered something about them having to do the IV in the OR.   The remains of the successful one can be seen in that tiny scab on my knuckles.  This multicolored disaster is the result of her first effort.   It of course looks worse in person.