Monthly Archives: January 2016

preparing to paint

Doug and I went to a paint bar tonight.  Appropriately enough, the subject was a snowy night in Boston along the Charles.  We were both pretty pleased with our results; as Doug said “certainly good enough for the garage” (which is where our painting gallery resides).



For the second day in a row, my battery was dead. So, after it was jump started, I drove my car to the garage and asked the nice folks there if they could drop me at the Waltham train station; which I then took to Porter Square and the red line.  Not a good start to the day.


self portrait

They’re creating a directory for my department at work, and want pictures that show our whole face.  I’m getting pretty good at using the timer feature on my camera, and I’m  pretty pleased with this shot.  And yes, this really is my office.

AD in office