Monthly Archives: January 2009

tools of the trade

When you’ve got a few hours of snow followed by freezing rain and rain, then a very cold night, you wake up to a big solid mass of frozen slush. A standard snow shovel will not suffice alone. What you need is some salt, some sun, a regular metal digging shovel, then a snow shovel to remove the chipped ice.  Followed by a massage.
January 29 2009

buzz buzz

Just last night, Doug and I were saying that we can see how people get frustrated with this project, as we both feel like we’re going to run out of interesting things to photograph.

But then today, there at South Station was a woman dressed in a mosquito costume. Just goes to show ya…

January 28 2009

the dog’s pajamas

I had to escape the house for a showing this afternoon, so I went and hung out and the moms’. This is a picture of their dog, Micki, who is a miniature pinscher. Picture a Doberman,  but about only about 10lbs. That’s Micki. Like many small dogs, especially those with short hair, she gets cold easily, so the moms have an assortment of sweaters, sweatshirts and pajamas for her.January 25 2009

happy new year

Last weekend the museum held its annual Japanese New Year celebration. The Japanese program educator always hangs all kinds of decorations, including these oversized Origami cranes, which hang down from the second floor, overlooking the Information Desk and lobby.
January 24 2009

you know it’s cold when…

…the Fort Point Channel has ice. The channel runs in from Boston Harbor so it’s saltwater. It takes a good bit of cold for it to freeze over.

The first pictures I snapped today were of gulls sitting on the ice, but then I spotted two Common Mergansers, and decided to try to get one of them in the shot instead.
January 22 2009