Monthly Archives: May 2012

a surprise

I came into my office today to find that someone had left a Frisbee with a rather large and impressive, but no longer living, sea star on my chair. I hate when that happens.

May 26 2012
Of course, I still say the winner is the time someone left me a styrofoam cup with a frog in it. A live frog.

digging in the dirt

I am amused that in spite of the fact that he has dug these enormous holes and there’s dirt everywhere, the contractor has not disturbed this little patch of flowers. it’s not like they’re going to be able to stay…they’ll go sooner or later…

May 24 2012

peeking in

a view through one of the decorative “portholes” by our seat in a local diner.

we’ve had this waiter before. he’s hilarious. he says that if he catches you using your phone during dinner, he’ll take it away.I say he’s got the right idea.
May 22 2012