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hooray for science!

a week or so ago, I brewed up some homemade culturing medium and poured it into some petri dishes. after they set, I smeared the left side with a swab from the air filter in the bedroom, and the right side with some mold growing on an orange; then I placed them in various spots around the house. here’s the results.

(this is the sort of thing that happens at my house sometimes.)
February 18 2013

creature double feature

I could not make up my mind which picture I liked better, so there are two.

first, we have Dino. he is an Uromastyx lizard. they aren’t naturally this color, but he sure is a handsome guy, isn’t he?
February 16 2013
and this is Taco.  she is a three-banded armadillo. this is the first time I’d really seen an armadillo close up, and she is surprisingly adorable. especially when she runs. in fact, an armadillo running may be one of my new favorite things.
February 16 2013a