Monthly Archives: April 2018


Marley came to visit at work today.  He is a very sweet pup whose tail is always wagging.  It was good to hang out with him after the unpleasantness of the earlier part of the afternoon.  At least work is never dull!

weird toys

Sometimes at work, child development students come in to do research projects, using our ready made supply of children.  These toys are from one such study.  I can only assume that children were presented with them, and any kids who didn’t find them disturbing were immediately marked as potential psychopaths.

Roll with it

I went to the bakery today for some bread, and to see if they had dinner rolls.  Which they did, so I grabbed a bag.  As the guy rang me up, he pointed to the rolls and said “Are those yours?  You can just have ‘em. They’re from the weekend.”  So I asked if I could have another bag and he said sure.  And this is why I like to shop local. 😀