Monthly Archives: March 2016


This is Zuko.  He is Ferrous’s arch nemesis; when Zuko appears in our yard, Ferrous goes absolutely out of his mind.  Zuko is a very friendly kitty, but I still wish his people would keep him inside.


kale stems

Purple is my favorite color.  Always has been. But when I was little, I liked it so much that I convinced myself that I liked beets, even though I didn’t, and I also would always choose the purple lollipop even though I liked the red ones better.  I wonder if I’d have gone for purple kale. Kids are weird.



second breakfast

At work, I often have programs that run right over the lunch hour, and I don’t sit down to eat until after 2:00.  It doesn’t really bother me, but it is nice to have a snack to tide me over before the program begins.  This tasty chocolate-and-orange combo just about hit the spot this morning.

DSCN9024 (1)