Monthly Archives: November 2019

Only Bike Bus

Not sure when this appear; lately, it’s dark when I get to this intersection in the afternoons, but today we closed early at work. And yes, it’s not well focused; it’s hard to get a shot like this without any traffic blocking things.  At any rate, it’s definitely recent.  It amuses me because there’s actually something called the Bike Bus that runs from our neighborhood to downtown.

blue to purple

I had to change the filament on the 3D printer at work today, but I didn’t know how.  So what did I do?  YouTube, of course.  Found a perfectly good video that explained it very well, and successfully changed the filament.  The person in the video did not appear on camera (except for his hands) but I’m pretty sure he was about 12.

mystery key

Friends need us to check in on their cats next week, and I had two keys in a drawer that I thought might be theirs. So I brought them to their place But no. They had to give me a key.  I checked both keys when I got home, and one of them is to my house, but this key remains a mystery.

Old State House

This photo has been taken hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and deservedly so.  It’s a terrific snapshot of Boston’s architectural history.   One building that was constructed in 1713 surrounded by the glass skyscrapers of today,  and plenty of less modern architecture.  Interesting even to someone like me, who’s not really into history or architecture.