Monthly Archives: January 2012

lying liars

so at work today, I opened a can of dinosaurs (as one does) and  among them I found these!  These are mammoths! They are not dinosaurs!!! So now I have a herd of mammoths marching across my computer. I am quite indignant over this. I just may write to the manufacturer.

January 24 2012
On another note, it strikes me that this is the 3rd consecutive day that I have taken pictures of a collection of colorful objects.

beautiful words

A Japanese artist who does large-scale calligraphy came to work last week for the new year celebration. These are his creations.

January 20 2012
(Funny PS…we were asked to stand by our favorite one, and I picked the one that the artist himself liked best. I guess I do have good artistic taste sometimes.)