Monthly Archives: April 2011

trivia time

Bob, security guy at work, likes to post quotes, poems and trivia on the screen behind the security desk each day. Most mornings, when I enter the building, I’m likely to see a few people looking up at the screen, puzzling out the answer,
April 29 2011

setting up the canopy

After years of renting a tent for the clambake, we finally broke down and bought one. We set up today just to make sure a) we had all the parts b) we could do it, and c) to learn how long it would take.  We learned a few tricks, and we think we’ll be good to go on party day.April 24 2011

a view from the top

This is the top of the ball popper. You haul on a rope, which lifts a bowling ball. When it drops, it causes a tennis ball to launch out of a tube and straight into the air, where it goes through several hoops before falling back down into a net, which funnels it back into the tube.
April 23 2011