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why I love CraigsList

So at some  point in time, the previous owners of this house planted some day lilies–your basic orange “tiger lily” variety. And they have since taken over. Now, Doug and I like these flowers just fine, in moderation. This was not moderation. We spent several hours yesterday digging up one bed, and then I jokingly suggested we just put a sign on the lawn “Free Lilies! dig ’em yourself!” and Doug said I should post them on CraigsList. So I did and got a huge response. But in Craigslist, as often in life, it’s first come first served. A woman named Wilma was here.   I’d roped off a few of the plants, including one large section for friends who had expressed interest. The rest was up for grabs. Wilma was a machine. A machine, I tell you. Here’s what’s left:
March 22 2010

silly walks

Another wonderfully ridiculous event, ironically organized by the Boston Society of Spontaneity. This time we gathered outside the shopping center at the Prudential to learn about the event: each of us was asked to develop a silly walk, a la Monty Python, and then spend a few minute practicing it.
March 6 2010
Then, about 5-10 people at a time, we went into the Pru with a simple instruction: just wander around and shop, doing your silly walk. And so we did. My friend Anthony and I got several reactions, ranging from funny looks and muttered comments, to one woman who flat-out asked us what was going in. The best was the guy who turned to us on the escalator and said, in an exaggerated accent. “Ah! Will you be applying for a position at the Ministry of Silly Walks, then? Might I suggest that you could make your walk a bit sillier by occasionally stopping in mid-step, like this? Ah, yes!”

Great fun. And, I might add, a good workout. I look forward to Pillow Fight Day…