Monthly Archives: July 2017


I was grabbing some cherries to put in my lunch, and this little red one spilled out.  The one behind it is a normal size cherry.  I did not eat the little one; I imagine it would not have tasted good.

Keytar Bear!

Doug’s worked in the city for 6 weeks and seen him twice. I’ve worked in  Boston almost 20 years, and never come across this local character….until today.  I am probably the only person in Boston more excited about seeing Keytar Bear than I was about Wally the Green Monster coming to work today.

a sticky situation, indeed

This afternoon, I went to lift a box off of another box, but it was stuck.  Stuck like glue.  Then I noticed a trail of sticky looking stuff running down the front of the shelves.  I followed it to its source, on the top shelf, and discovered a half empty bottle of corn syrup.  Not a nice surprise in the middle of an already busy day…

roll out the barrel

Today at work, this happened.  My coworker Dianne got inside this barrel, which was decorated with foam pieces, and painted by some nearby toddlers. Then, 2 other coworkers pushed her across the ground to make a nifty pattern on a piece of paper.  Because that’s what happens during my workday.

celebrate good times

As I walked to work this morning, this happy group of people was hard to miss.  I stopped to ask what was going on.  “Engagement!”  I was told.  “Oh!  Who’s proposing to whom?” I asked.  “Oh, no.  They’re in the water [I assume she meant on a boat].  It’s a surprise. They don’t know we’re here.”
So….someone’s proposing and doesn’t know it? That IS a surprise. Ah well.  Congratulations to all, anyway.