Monthly Archives: October 2014

veggie chef

Doug is clearly the chef in the house, for which I am always grateful. But I make a pretty competent assistant, especially when it comes to veggie prep.  Tonight I also prepared the “rice.”  Which isn’t really rice, but cauliflower.  Apparently cauliflower rice is very trendy (see link for recipes).  It’s fine, especially for a stir-fry, like we had tonight; you might think it’s some kind of grain you’ve never heard of, but you wouldn’t mistake it for actual rice.

October 17 2014

caught in the act

Several years ago, a housesitter we had made this little blue toy for Parker and Winnie.  There was nothing to it, but they absolutely loved it and played with it for years.  Gandalf and Ferrous also enjoyed it, until recently when Ferrous tired of the usual “batting around” play and decided instead that it must be destroyed. 

Not the greatest picture, but it needed to be taken

October 16 2014

egg face

Last winter when Doug and I were in a car accident, my friend Ellen (aka “ET”) left a goody bag at our door one day.  It was filled, as is ET’s style, with completely random stuff including cute little tissue packets, a tube of hand cream, and little molds for hard-boiled eggs.  The molds are, of course, Japanese.

October 13 2014