Monthly Archives: March 2012

color on the walls

we invited friends over last night to say goodbye to the kitchen, and encouraged everyone to write, draw or play games on the walls. Here’s Greg and Juli playing the ubiquitous dot game. March 31 2012

I have no idea what that creepy face thing is, or who drew it.

worse before it gets better?

so I’m at the chiropractor yesterday and he comments on the fact that I always have a camera with me. I explain to him about Project 365. A few minutes later, he asks if the hip that he treated last time is feeling any better. I tell him it is, but maybe he’d better leave it alone today. I show him this bruise. He says “Yikes! Hey, maybe you should take a picture of that. Just don’t include my name with it anywhere.”

done and done.
March 30 2012

goodbye for now

goodbye sink and magic box,

while you’re gone we’ll miss you lots.
goodbye to disposal too.
we’ll see you when the kitchen’s through.
goodbye to wallpaper and floor,
we won’t see you anymore.
goodbye to this happy room.
we hope too see you very soon.
March 28 2012

boycott break

yes, I went to the movie theater. and yes, it didn’t take long at all for me to remember why I’d stopped. but The Hunger Games was pretty darn good, and I enjoyed it. But I think it will be a while before I’m back at a movie theater.

March 27 2012