Monthly Archives: September 2013

may I offer you a drink?

according to SeriousEats, “Vermouth and soda is a classic low-alcohol drink, enjoyed throughout much of Europe. It’s past time we Americans cottoned on, especially now that delicious, complex-tasting vermouths such as Dolin are available here.”  maybe the addition of cabbage juice is what’s needed to push it over that edge.

September 4 2013
(and I know, club soda and tonic water aren’t the same thing.  just go with it….)


so Doug and I planted this bush when we moved.  and it did very poorly.  then we had to move it to the temporary holding bed while we had the new porch built,  and it did very poorly.  then we disassembled the temporary bed and moved it again, certain that this would kill it.  and now it’s covered in little blue flowers and looking quite lovely.

September 3 2013