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I am not a big fan of bugs. I think they’re gross. I don’t generally think they are scary, I just think they’re icky. Unless they’re outside. Most bugs outside are OK;  it’s like I’m on their turf. But I don’t want them in my house.

Anyway, today was another Critter Day at work, and we hosted a group called BugWorks, affectionately referred to as “the bug ladies.” They’ve got spiders and scorpions, millipedes, beetles and lots of other bugs, most of which even I have to admit are pretty cool. But this is one bug that I really do like.
March 21 2009
This Giant Asian Mantis sat out on this plant for 2 hours and visitors got a good look at  her. She’s quite large, about 3 inches, with a very distinct head and eyes (which is probably why I prefer them to other bugs). At one point, she was fed a cricket and I was totally fascinated watching her eat.

all in all, a good critter day was had by all. except for the cricket.


I seem to be about recovered from the stomach bug from hell. My fabulous neighbor and good friend across the street bought me bananas and electrolyte loaded fruit juice to get the good stuff back in my system. It’s a good thing she’s around; I wasn’t in any shape to leave the house for any extended period of time.
March 20 2009

anything for me?

Remember being little and always hoping there would be something for you in the mail? I don’t think we ever get over that feeling. Even though now the mail is always for you, I think we all still hope for something really exciting in the mailbox.
March 19 2009


this was most of my day today:
March 18 2009
I stayed home from work with the stomach bug from hell. I actually had a fever yesterday afternoon, but today it’s just been….well, I’ll spare  you the details. Let’s just say, not one of my prettier days…
You can see Parker is keeping an eye on me. Sort of. Not really.

mi tarea de español

So I’ve been taking Spanish lessons for a while now. I’ve been through a few tutors who keep deserting me for unimportant things like pursuing graduate school. But I’ve been working with Daniel for several months now, and he’s really very good. He gives me homework. Feels like  high school.
March 16 2009

nesting cat

I am hoping to hold off on too many pictures of the cats. I suspect that as this project goes on, I will be photographing them more often as I run out of ideas. But this was too cute to pass up.

Parker loves to nest.  He’s fickle about where he nests, but today he seems to want to be in this blanket.
March 15 2009
I love that his tail is sticking out the back, and he probably has no idea.

Spoon Hat

(with apologies to Soundgarden)
If you cannot use your hands
This could be part of your plan, spoon hat
Pick your things up one by one
Even though it can’t be done, spoon hat

Spoon hat, on the head of my friend Matt
Try it–can you pick up this and that?
Spoon hat

With a spoon upon your head
Pick stuff up, that’s what I said,  spoon hat
Load it up until it’s full
Though it’s just impossible, spoon hat

Pick your things up one by one
Even though it can’t be done, spoon hat
March 13 2009

a shot in the arm

Actually, three shots: today it was “weed/cat/dog” in one arm and “trees/grass” and “cockroach/dust mites” in the other. The joy of allergy shots. I especially love it on the weeks they up the dose and my whole arm feels like it’s on fire and I’d like nothing more than to just claw it off right now. That’s just the best.
March 12 2009

(apologies for the blurriness.)