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A couple weeks ago, we made oatmeal-chocolate chip-M&M cookies.  These are the last two of those, along with the chocolate cookies we made this afternoon.  We’ve portioned them out, and put them in the freezer so we can have fresh baked cookies when we want them.

cat chat

Every Friday, my colleagues who have cats get together at one person’s desks and talk about our cats.  Since my boss is included in these meetings (though she’s not pictured here), I have no guilt about attending.  Cat Chats are one of the few things that’s actually better in quarantine…because we actually get to meet each other’s cats!!

home studio

This is the set up I ultimately wound up with while trying to figure out how to film today’s activity for work. The tablet should be on top of the chair…I had just put it where it is to watch what I’d recorded so far.  Keep an eye on my workplace’s Facebook page to see the result.

home office

Doug generally works in the living room, so I’ve taken over the loft.  My tablet is set to play some music, and the notebook is where I can jot down ideas as they come to me.  If you look very very carefully, you can also get a peek of one of the first ideas for a new turtle tank design.