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this is where I used to work

I had to pop in to my workplace today to gather up a few things, and it was very strange.  The calendar in my office is still set to March (I didn’t bother fixing it), Sir Multifoot the Explorer is still perched over my desk, and Sparky still hangs on the wall.   I briefly ventured out into the main building; the floors are very very clean. I didn’t linger; the whole thing was just so weird.

office mate

Sometimes I have to work on the computer in my actual home office (as opposed to wherever I plunk down with the work laptop).  I’ve been trying to train Ferrous that when he wants to join me in there, I want him to sit on his tower, not on the chair I’m sitting in.  I think he’s finally got the hang of it.

bra ha ha

It turns out, the materials used in bras, especially sports bras,  is awesome for the inner layer of face masks.  But I only had one bra I was willing to sacrifice.  So….I turned to the Internet, of course, and posted to the local “Buy Nothing” Facebook group to see if anyone had any bras they no longer wanted.  And the Internet did provide, yea, verily.