Monthly Archives: June 2011

well THERE’S yer problem!

So last Thursday I went to lift something that I thought was light, but was in fact fairly heavy. As often happens, this caused my SI joint to slip out of place, which can tighten the muscle that connect there, thereby pulling on the spine. All excellent things, which led me to visit my chiropractor today, who pushed it back in place. Thanks, Dr K.
June 20 2011

the box

Had my pulmonary function tests today. Part of that involves sitting in this sealed box with my hands on my cheeks like the kid in Home Alone, and breathing into a tube. It’s odd.
June 15 2011
(everything came out fine, in case you’re interested)

dog tired

there just seemed to be a whole story here. This pup was with three young men and all their gear. They looked like they’d been traveling for a while. I wondered:  where have they been? are they heading home? has the dog been with them the whole time, or did they pick him up along the way?
June 14 2011