Monthly Archives: December 2010

hummingbird morning

This morning after breakfast I sat and watched the hummingbirds, which I am completely enchanted by. We counted 5 or 6 different types just in the garden at Savegre Lodge. This picture is not as stunning as the sort Doug would take, but that just goes to show how easy it was to get in close to them for a picture.
December 21 2010

hiking to the falls

Today’s hike started on a wide road but when we reached this bridge, it narrowed so we had to walk single file. It was a beautiful hike, though a bit drizzly at the end. And happily we did not run into any of the multiple types of dangerous snakes we had been warned about.


We went to this place near San Jose today that had, among other things, a little frog enclosure. I was told that there were around 60 individual frogs in there, but they were hard to spot. Many were on the underside of leaves, like this fellow.
December 19 2010
My dad loves frogs; he would love this place.


There is a short trail behind our hotel. It is mainly surrounded by coffee plants, but there are plenty of beautiful tropical varieties as well. Doug spotted a couple that we recognize as popular houseplants. I don’t know what this one is, but it sure is bright. If this is what we can find here on the outskirts of San Jose, the jungle is going to be outstanding.
December 18 2010

Merry Chr….AHHH! MY EYES!!!

There are so many things with these decorations, and the camera doesn’t even capture them all. First of all, the geese. Why are there only four (there are two off-camera)? If you’re going to include geese as part of your Christmas look, shouldn’t you at least have the requisite six? Also, the lights are actually flashing on and off in no apparent order or rhythm. That said, the pattern of the flashing becomes horrifyingly clear when you get out of your car and stand in front of this monstrosity; it’s in time to the music that’s playing.
December 15 2010


I had to go to the post office today. There were 2 minutes left on the meter when I arrived, and I figured the week before Christmas, the PO would be a zoo, so I fed the meter a quarter. And was out 4 minutes later. So, if someone parked there after me, I guess they got a bit of a gift.
December 13 2010


At about 9:45 this morning, one of the sprinklers went off at work. In seconds, the climbing structure was soaked, the floor was covered in 5 inches of water, the stairs were wet, and the fire alarm went off. We were allowed back in after about 15 minutes but the damage to the floor was extensive. Luckily, there wasn’t much exhibit damage, aside from the climber, and there were no visitors in the museum at the time; thank heavens there were no kids in the climber and no one on staff was  hurt. The museum remained closed until 5:00 today, but it’s still far from back to normal. The next few days should be interesting.
December 10 2010 a

one picture didn’t quite cover it, so there are two today
December 10 2010b