Contractor 1

We met with our first contractor last night. He had a few interesting things to say.

The foyer – kitchen wall is also load bearing in all likelihood.  We could move it as I proposed, but there’s no place to hide a beam since the foyer ceiling is full-height.  Widening the door is fine. A few ideas for how to resolve the closet situation:

  1. Stealth closet. Install pantry cabinets at the foyer end of the kitchen, one of which has a hanging rod in it.
  2. Install pantry cabinets at the foyer end of the kitchen, instead of in the current pantry location. Build a closet in the current pantry.
  3. Go ahead and move the wall. Live with the fact that the foyer ceiling looks funny.
  4. Leave the current wall in place and build a 2nd one, to form an anteroom between foyer and kitchen. Install closets — perhaps built in place, perhaps prebuilt cabinets — in this space.

The issue with #1 is it seems cheesy: if we were moving into a building and used this as a solution, fine, but to build it this way seems wrong.

#2 gives a nice big closet, but is far from the front door.  This is Lis’s initial preference.

Nobody really likes #3.

#4 is my initial preference but may feel constricted going into the kitchen.

I will play around with these options over the next few days and see what I can come up with.

This contractor uses an in-house kitchen designer and cabinets that they resell.  The kitchen designer will also want to have a look, then they will get back to us with a proposal.

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