Kitchen remodel project

This past spring, Lis turned to me and said “I think it’s time to redo the kitchen.”  I think she’s right.  We moved into this house about 2 1/2 years ago; we knew at the time that the kitchen was serviceable but dated.  What we did not realize is that its layout is poor — making it operate as a much smaller kitchen than it really is — and that just about everything was wearing out.

I am starting this blog to collect my thoughts, share progress with family and friends, and document the process.  I intend to publish a flurry of entries now to catch up to real-time; the pace will then slow considerably as we select contractors and work on plans. You can expect an uptick of activity as we actually begin work, followed (we hope) by a steady stream of progress until we’re done.

I’ve set this blog to publish new entries at the end, so it reads like a diary. So if you don’t see anything new, you’ll need to skip to the end.

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  1. Doug Larrick

    Note that I turned off the “like a diary” publishing order because I keep being surprised by it.


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