I have been working on the following plans for the kitchen proper for the past couple of months. They are by no means final. I have gone through several iterations, and I am sure there are more revisions to come — especially since we met with Gina (Greg’s mom) who is a kitchen designer.

First up, plan view.  Click on the picture for a version where you can actually read the text. Gray is upper or full-height cabinets. Up is the foyer, and the half bath is in the lower left corner.


Going counterclockwise starting from the foyer door (12:00):

  • The foyer wall has been moved down 3 feet to make room for closets in the foyer, as previously mentioned
  • Dishwasher below, with storage for tupperware etc. above it, along with bags & foils.
  • Sink, centered on the right-hand side window
  • Work space between sink and stove, with pot & pan drawers below. Window over this space as well
  • Our existing BlueStar range, with a real range hood above it
  • Tray / baking sheet divider storage below, oils, salt, and other items needed at the stove above
  • In the corner: a Super Susan (lazy susan) below, Easy Reach (L-shaped hinged door with no stile in the inside corner) above. Dry goods & cans go in these 2 cabinets.
  • Continuing around the corner, lower drawer storage for silverware, cooking implements like spatulas, cooking spoons, whisks, potholders, baking pans, etc. below. Day-to-day plates and bowls above.
  • Door to the pantry & existing bathroom
  • In the pantry: The door to the outside has been replaced with a window to make room for three 24″ deep floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets: space for bulky items, infreqently used appliances, a stepstool, and extra supplies of pantry items.
  • Back in the main kitchen: a short counter with space for the toaster oven, with a microwave drawer below. Day-to-day glasses above.
  • 36″ wide counter-depth refrigerator
  • Drawer/door base below with cat food. Infrequently used items above.
  • Our existing round kitchen table & chairs
  • Door to the new sunroom.
  • Continuing around the next corner, existing French doors to the dining room
  • Peninsula with seating for about 3 people on this end, primarily a hangout space so guests can be in the kitchen while I cook. I would like this area to be in different materials to set it off from the perimeter cabinetry; probably a wood countertop and backsplash matching the cabinets.
  • Above the seating part of the peninsula, glass-fronted cabinets for fancy glassware, dishes, etc. Underneath, a single full-height-door cabinet for deep storage of large, seldom used items.
  • Continuing around the peninsula: drawer storage for prep tools like knives, peelers, rolling pin, etc.  This section of peninsula has no upper cabinets.
  • Cutting board divider cabinet
  • Sink base for prep sink on island.
  • Shallow spice storage cabinet, on the end of the peninsula facing the range
  • Pull-out double trash cabinet, for trash & recyclables
  • Continuing around the back side of the peninsula, a bookshelf for cookbooks.
  • On the other side of the dining room door, a message / phone / charger station.

That’s the tour.  I feel like this plan needs some more tweaking, but it’s a start.  Or maybe we will come up with something entirely different.

One more picture: some elevations to help get a feel for how this plan would look. First is the fridge wall, then the stove/sink wall, then one view of the peninsula. Some of the details don’t match what I’ve described above, but these elevations are really just for sense of scale anyway.


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